Numbers. They have been there in your life since the day you were born and they’ll be there until you die. There are numbers in all areas of your life. For example, you have your date of birth, your passport number, your tax number, your house number and your phone numbers. Those numbers are personal to you. However, there are numbers in your everyday world that come and go. Right now, look at the time. The numbers in that time will change in a minute. Now look at the date. That minute on that date will never occur again. It has passed.

Numbers intrigue me, especially since I started seeing repeated digits and number patterns everywhere I looked. It was happening so often that I decided to use my own life to explore whether the appearance of these numbers had any meaning or not.

After years of practical research during which time I used numbers to make my decisions, I have come to the conclusion that numbers are cosmic consciousness breaking through into our everyday world. When a repeated digit appears, it’s simply the energy of that particular number manifesting itself in an intensified way. It’s very simple. 111 is the energy of the number one coming in strongly, 222 is the energy of the number two coming in strongly, 333 is the energy of the number three coming in strongly and so on.

Pure energy, in the form of a number, appears in your world in order to get a message through to you. However, it takes practise to learn how to interpret the message of each number. Sometimes the numbers could just be telling you that the situation you are in has the energy of that particular number. Or if a repeated digit appears around a person then that person is carrying the energy of that particular number.

I have found that the key to interpreting repeated digits is to interpret them in conjunction with the time and place that they choose to appear to you. They cannot be interpreted out of context. Think of the numbers as a messenger, the interface between your seen and your unseen worlds.

When a number prompt appears to you, take note of the following;

What (or who) were you thinking about at that moment?

Who were you with?

Where were you?

What could you see in your immediate environment?

Where were you going in that moment?

What were you doing?

There are times when a number sequence appears in my everyday life very strongly yet I can’t read the message it is bringing. I simply can’t find the message. That doesn’t mean the message isn’t there. I have a very close relationship with numbers but our communication is not perfect. However, there are times when I am completely blown away by the way that numbers get their message across and that is why I take so much notice of them.

Numbers might be screaming a message at you but if you’re not in full awareness in each moment, you will miss the appearance of the number and the message will not be received. Living with awareness will help you to relate to the world of number. I don’t follow numbers blindly. Even if a hundred numbers appear to me with a message, if something doesn’t feel right I won’t do it. I always listen to my intuition before I act. The following interpretations of number signs are based on my own experience and indicate how I use numbers to guide me. I find number patterns work best as prompts. When I have already had the feeling that I need to do something, a number prompt acts like a nudge in my ribs, telling me that I was right and to get on and do it. As such, they are a confirmation sign.

When you see a repeated number sign, try to remember that;

1 is about beginnings and starting things,

2 is about relationship, choice and duality

3 is about past, present and future and moving forward

4 is about structure, safety and security

5 is about change, instability, travel and communication

6 is about peace, balance, harmony and beauty

7 is about spirituality and introspection

8 is about worldly success and the material universe

9 is about finishing off, tying up loose ends and gaining wisdom

0 is about linking, wiping the slate clean or returning to nothingness