I keep looking at the clock and notice that it says 11:11. Why does this happen so often? What makes me look at the clock at that very minute?

It's not by chance. Or coincidence. I believe that 11:11 is a spiritual code and when it starts appearing in our everyday life, it's our Higher Self telling us that it's time to wake up. It's great that you are noticing the 11:11 because now you can start working with it.

How can I work with it?

Whenever you notice the 11:11, be very aware of what you are doing in that moment. Or what  you are thinking about. If you see the 11:11, pause, become very aware of your surroundings and observe with clarity what is happening in that moment. Become 100% aware. Make a note of who you see, who texts you, who phones you, who calls at your door, or who you are with when you happen to see the 11:11sign.

You seemed to have had a difficult time when you followed the 11:11. Is it an evil number?

No it's not. I had a hard time because I had been led to the Spanish convent to clear up a lot of stuff from the past. It was not easy re-living the difficult times I had experienced in my previous lives. But I chose to do it. Remember, I had a choice. I chose to follow the 11:11 number signs because I want to deal with my 'stuff' in this life. I could, of course, have completely ignored the signs.

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I have answered some of your questions in a youtube video. Click HERE to view it.