‘The Chakras Made Easy’ is aimed at the reader who wants straightforward and easy to understand information about the chakras without having to read through a load of ‘bumph’ to get to the facts.
Written by a qualified and experienced British Wheel of yoga teacher, this book explains what the chakras are in a clear and simple way. This is a very down to earth handbook that enables the reader to determine the state of their own chakras through the use of a simple tick list. Practical techniques for healing each of the seven chakras are also listed.
By healing your chakras you can realise your full potential as an amazing human being! When your chakras are spinning freely you will experience improved physical, mental and emotional health.




Check it with this quiz taken from the book.
Your first chakra is either going to be under functioning or over functioning. Read the following statements.

Score 1 if you agree slightly.
Score 2 if you agree.
Score 3 if you agree strongly.

I struggle to make ends meet.
I’m always feeling tired.
I moved house more than three times before the age of seven.
I was disconnected from a parent (through death, adoption or absence) before the age of seven.
I hardly ever spend time in nature.
I hate the colour red and never wear red.
I have injured the base of my spine within the last year.
I feel as if I do not belong to this world.
I am (or recently was) homeless.
People call me a control freak.
I am prone to angry outbursts.
I do not feel safe in my neighbourhood.
I do not trust people.
I am insecure within myself.
I have a very strong sex drive.
My work is definitely the most important thing in my life.
I have a lot of possessions but I need them all.
I have lost my sense of smell.
I struggle to cope with my life.

Add up your score.
Under 5 points: It is in balance.
5-15 points: It’s slightly out of balance.
15-20 points: You definitely need to rebalance this chakra.
More than 20 points: Make it a priority to rebalance this chakra.
1: Walk barefoot on the earth or paddle in the sea.
2: Plant and grow your own vegetables or create a beautiful flower garden. Any gardening activities are helpful.
3: Take up a competitive, high energy sport such as rugby or sprinting.
4: Dance outside in bare feet.
5: Bring the colour red into your life.
6: Go into the forest and smell the trees and the plants. Pick up the earth in your hands and smell it. Really connect with the earth through the sense of smell.
7: Spend half an hour a day just concentrating on your sense of smell, wherever you happen to be. You can do this wherever you are.
8: Take up pottery.
9: Hug a tree and really feel its strength and stability. Close your eyes and imagine that you are part of the tree and you have roots that go deep into the earth. Lean against it and absorb some of that deep connection to earth.
10: Practise standing on one leg until you can stay in balance without wobbling.
11: Fill a bowl with warm water and add one or two of the recommended essential oils (see above) and sit with your feet in the water.
12: Learn root lock (mula bandha) from a yoga teacher
13: Put a handful of salt in your bath.
14: Spend one day consciously accepting every event that occurs to you. Experience how that feels.
15: Treat yourself to a mud wrap spa treatment.
16: Have a reflexology treatment or foot massage.
17: If your house is a mess try to bring a sense of order rather than chaos into your home by clearing up one room at a time. Get rid of excess belongings and buy a filing system to put your paperwork in order.
18: Bring flexibility to your body through yoga, dancing, pilates, swimming, gymnastics or stretching exercises.
19: Take whatever steps are necessary to make sure you have enough money to live on and a place to live, even if that entails making massive changes in your life.
20: Carry or wear one of the crystals listed at the beginning of this chapter.
21: Bring the colour of this chakra into your life.

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